At Least I Tried

The resolution of this picture isn’t great because the camera on my new phone is disappointing and the zoom is terrible. That’s putting it kindly. Still, I hope you’ll overlook that weakness and appreciate it for what it is.

I think it’s kind of cool.

And isn’t that just life? You think you’re upgrading to something better only to learn it really isn’t as good as what you already had. You try your best do something and it doesn’t work out the way you hoped. Chances are, whatever it is still has value so celebrate it anyway.

At least you tried.

And so has become my motto lately. At least I tried. If you’re reading this, please accept my congratulations. You made it to Friday! Let’s try to make it a good one!

Happiness Is….

Happiness is blue skies, a fabulous old plane and the knowledge that it’s finally Friday. There’s no sense in wishing your life away to get to the weekend but, now that it’s nearly here, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating.

Kick up your heals and savor the moment!