Foggy Mornings

We had some remarkably foggy mornings this week. While I work a hybrid schedule, I was out driving around two of these mornings. Both days, I found myself inches from hitting deer and thanking my lucky stars that they didn’t come through my windshield. There’s nothing like a near miss in the dark to wake you up.

These images come from the Lake Rupert area on one of those days. It was about 9:30 a.m. and just starting to lighten up. I actually pulled over here to get my bearings after one of those near misses with a deer. When I looked up, it was just too pretty to not reach for my iPhone. It was a nice silver lining to the proverbial dark cloud.

You know how I enjoy reflections.

It’s good to know that, even in the fog, there’s opportunity to find something soft and lovely that will brighten the day.

Foggy Morning Web

The Old Farmer’s Almanac published a story this week that talked about folklore used to predict snow. A new one to me is that for every fog in August there will be a snowfall in winter.

Since I like both fog and snow, that sounds like a fair deal.

Incidentally, yesterday was foggy.

Here’s a look at the view from my front porch after it had started to move out. That old tree makes me happy.

And here’s one of several webs in a shrub near my bedroom window. Someone had been busy.

I suppose I’m an odd duck for paying attention to these things. Most people hate fog and wouldn’t dream of stopping to examine a spider web. But I think it’s fascinating to consider how our world changes when we aren’t looking. Light and darkness temporarily change the look of the world. Fog rolls in and softens the look of trees and roads. It dissipates and reveals the stunning handiwork of a tiny creature with eight legs. How do they make these things so beautiful anyway?

It’s all pretty wondrous if you stop and consider it.

Want to read that story? Here it is! Maybe you’ll learn something new as well!!


It’s been gloomy a lot here lately but this scene is simply forlorn.

It was early Friday and rain had settled in for the day. The fog was trying to lift but these bare trees against that fog were just too much to resist. What I wouldn’t have given to have my camera in the seat next to me but had to settle for capturing this with my phone.

One of these days, snow will blanket the landscape and it won’t look so sad. For now, all we can do is seek beauty in unexpected places.