The Road Beckons

National Road Monday (69)_edited.jpgThis image makes me reach for my atlas. It’s from a delightful road trip where I spent a morning chasing the sunrise and capturing pictures of old barns, pretty fields and cool signage. I had a destination but all day to get there and no pressure at all.

It was the best day. 

This road beckons to me and makes me yearn to pack my bag and set out for some adventure. That sounds great but I better go to work if I hope to have money for more travels!

Have a great day!


Finally, Snow

We finally have snow and I just can’t get enough of it. You notice things when there’s snow on the ground that you might not otherwise see. For example, I drive by this farm often but rarely appreciate the old farmhouse.

New snow hides clutter and flaws and reinvents the landscape to be fresh and new. A blanket of snow reminds us that anything can be pretty when properly attired!!!