One Of These Days

One of these days I’m going to topple over while trying to snap a picture. Lake Loretta at Alley Park was teaming with dragonflies on Saturday and it brought me great joy to watch them.

I was crouched on rocks on the lake shore, leaning forward and down with nothing to hold me up but what little core strength I have. The fact my heavy zoom lens didn’t make me top heavy is a miracle.

They say you’re among angels when there is a dragonfly nearby. I stood there watching them for a long time but couldn’t resist trying to grab a shot. None turned out great but at least I have something to remember the moment.

In The Company Of Angels

You’ve likely seen dragonflies but did you know they symbolize transformation and self realization? They are said to help us on the path of discovery and enlightenment.

I have also read that when you’re among dragonflies you’re in the company of angels. If that’s the case, a chorus of angels surrounded me for much of my hike Sunday.

Dozens, if not hundreds of dragonflies flitted in and out of my path, amongst the wildflowers and weeds along the lake shore.

In this world, there are about 5,000 species of dragonflies. In Ohio, we have documented 165. On Sunday, I saw several although I cannot name them for you. I can tell you that I very much enjoyed standing on the trail watching these mysterious creatures dance in the sunlight.

With some patience, I was able to capture a handful of pictures and am grateful for each one.

It’s a comforting idea that these colorful insects with their oddly shaped bodies and translucent wings represent more than we can see and that we are among angels.

If nothing else, they give me the feeling and even the hope that I’m on the right path.