Flying In The Age Of Covid

Going to Denver last month required flying. I normally enjoy flying but was apprehensive given the state of Covid in this country.

I am selective about where I go and who I spend my time with on a normal day. Travel is by car. Dining out is rare and typically in the car or outside. Shopping is mostly utilitarian now rather than entertainment.

I have found ways to travel around the region and even down to Virginia while being safe and feeling secure but it is always by myself in a car.

The thought of air travel – even a couple of weeks before the holiday rush- made me squeamish but my research was reassuring. Friends who fly regularly were able to provide some insight. What I had read about my airline was reassuring too.

Flying out of the John Glenn International Airport in Columbus on a Tuesday afternoon was a smart choice.

The place was a ghost town.

Some shuttle lots are closed, most businesses were closed or operating with limited hours, and there was no security line. Literally, friends, there was no line. I walked right through.

There were people cleaning and so few travelers it was easy to social distance.

Flying in and out of Denver was arguably a mistake.

This is one of our country’s busier airports. Getting off the plane and leaving was fine. The airport train wasn’t at all busy and I managed to get out the door without cause for concern.

Sadly, the flight out was a much different story. The TSA line was enormous. It moved quickly but most people were making no effort to social distance.

Once through security, there was plenty of space to spread out even though it was busy. Everything felt extremely clean and there is hand sanitizer available everywhere.

All the same, if I had known it would be this busy, I would have flown out of a smaller airport.

The experience made me grateful that I’m typically a road tripper and am not flying during the holidays.

Have you flown lately? I would love to hear your story.

Angel In Boxing Gloves

As Covid-19 flares across this country, I have heard experts describe what is to come as a tsunami.

Our health care professionals are exhausted.

They are frustrated.

I imagine they are struggling more than we know in some of our country’s hardest hit areas. Someday, I fear they will have the same kind of PTSD that effects soldiers.

The holidays will likely usher in a new era of horrors that we all should be worried about now.

It’s hard for many of us to stay home all the time as we need to work, to buy Christmas presents or food. The economy needs us to be out there buying and exchanging money for services – a calculated risk here and there may be worth it. But we owe it to ourselves to stay healthy and to not share our germs with others. So please wear your mask, wash those hands, and social distance like your life depends on it.

After all, it may.

The mural is in Denver and is one of many spectacular pieces of art you can view from the car in that city. The image of a healthcare angel in boxing gloves seems more appropriate now than ever.

Na-Nu Na-Nu

Denver has some magnificent street art and this is a perfect example.

Amidst the traffic and homeless, the late Robin Williams as Mork from Ork smiles down on passersby.

The words ring true. We miss you Robin. Thanks for the smiles and Na-Nu Na-Nu.

Tattered Cover Book Store

Some people buy T-shirts and shot glasses on their travels.

I buy Christmas ornaments and books.

Honestly, nothing makes me happier than roaming around an independent bookstore on vacation, especially when it’s in a great building.

Tattered Cover Book Store is a Denver landmark and one of the best bookstores I’ve ever seen.

They’ve been in business since 1971, starting with one location and growing to several in the Denver area.

The selection is extensive and impressive. It’s also well organized and easy to navigate.

A handful of strategically placed chairs invite shoppers to linger and a greeter at the door is available to explain safety rules.

One thing that really sets them apart is that staff picks can be found throughout the store. These selections are identified by a card that explains why they recommend the book.

I wish every book store did this!

If you’re ever in the Denver area and enjoy a great bookstore, look up Tattered Cover Book Store. Click here to learn more!

Denver Adventure

Last week took me to Denver to meet a friend for adventure. This was a toned down version of the cancelled summer trip that was supposed to include a flight to Denver and road trip home.

The road trip got nixed but I still got to spend several days with my friend.

Honestly, nothing about this trip went as planned as Covid has wreaked havoc on everyone’s plans and my friend had an injury that slowed us down.

But I got to spend time with my friend, we ate well, shopped some and did a few other fun things along the way.

I’m normally on the go a lot when I travel. After all, you can sleep when you’re dead. But it was sort of nice having some time to stretch out on the couch with a book, watch a little tv and just take things slower.

More than anything, I felt bad for my friend that her vacation was ruined.

There is no shortage of things to do in Denver so we are already talking about a sequel trip sometime after Covid fears die down.

The good news is that we did enter this adventure with low expectations as we didn’t know what might be Covid closed or that we simply wouldn’t feel comfortable doing because of Covid concerns.

The picture above was taken along a stream near historic Golden, Colorado. She wasn’t up for a hiking trail but we did find a paved bike path with access to the stream so we could safely walk and still get close to nature.

It wasn’t the plan but it was a good compromise that still brought us joy and entertainment. Sometimes that’s what it takes when things don’t go our way- compromise. This is a good lesson for us all to remember as we head into what promises to be a challenging Covid season.

I fear that we all will need to compromise a lot before this winter is over.