Live Performance Is Always A Good Idea

Darlene Love started her career as a backup singer and consequently treats her singers with the utmost respect.

Veggie Quesadilla at Casa Nueva. Try it with the barbecue salsa- you can thank me later!

The beautiful thing about living so close to a college town like Athens is that there’s never a shortage of good food and things to do, even on a cold Tuesday night.

Last night I spent the evening wandering around town after work. I was there specifically to have dinner at Casa Nueva and to see Darlene Love perform at Ohio University.

In case you don’t know, Casa has the best food in Athens and Darlene Love was a powerhouse in Phil Spector’s infamous Wall of Sound. You may remember her for songs like “He’s a Rebel” and “Today I Met the Boy I’m Gonna Marry.” Her song “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” is a staple on most holiday soundtracks.

You wouldn’t guess that she’s 77 or that she’s been performing some of these songs for the better part of sixty years. She’s energetic and her voice is strong. The songs sound fresh and a few of them pretty much brought down the house.

It was impressive.

I say it often and I’ll say it again: if you have a chance to witness live music, do it. There’s an energy surrounding live music that you simply can’t find listening to a tune at home. I always better appreciate an artist after hearing their music live. Last night was no different and I would absolutely recommend seeing Darlene Love if you ever have a chance!