Happy Retirement!

My dad celebrated a happy milestone yesterday. He retired from the company where he worked for 37 years.

They were good to him, treating him like a friend rather than just another employee. In return, he worked hard for them and more than earned his keep.

Employees and employers everywhere could learn from their relationship and the mutual respect they share. An employee who feels valued will do far more for your company than one who feels like just a number. He worked hard every day of those 37 years and took pride in what he did.

It sounds like it was just another workday and that’s the way he wanted it. He’s a quiet guy and doesn’t like to call attention to himself. I think he was grateful to just punch out and come home to find my mother and I along with my brother (I’m actually an only child- he’s a dog) waiting on the porch just like any other day.

The difference is that he got to leave his work problems behind and never has to go back. He’s been working since he was just a teenager so I can’t imagine the glee he must feel knowing he doesn’t have to get up in the morning and work for someone else. He can putter in the garage and get started on my mother’s “Honey-Do List” which she swears she doesn’t have but none of us believe her.

I’m glad that he will finally have time to relax and enjoy life more. Happy Retirement Dad!