What I Learned From The Pandemic

It’s June. Our world here in Ohio (and the rest of the country) has been screwy since March. Some of us have picked up new hobbies, found new passions and maybe even have begun to self reflect. Here’s what I have learned from the pandemic:

1. I do well on my own. Years of experience as an only child have served me well because I’ve had no trouble living alone and not seeing others. Who knew this life skill would come in so handy?

2. Dressing nicely is something I miss. Jury duty recently offered me a court ordered excuse to put on a dress and leave the house. Fellow jurors complained but I was excited to wear something other than shorts and a t-shirt.

3. The ability to move about freely is something we take for granted. Lots of cancelled plans and other inconveniences are disappointing but the real frustration is being unable to just move about freely. I used to hit the road on Saturday mornings for fun, roaming freely in a variety of directions. During the shut down there was nowhere to go and nothing to do. I’ll never take for granted my Saturday meanderings again.

4. I am fortunate and privileged. With no kids to educate or spouse in the way, I’m free to manage my time as is best for me. I’m employed and staying busy with plenty of interests to keep me occupied. My life is good compared to many others.

5. Constant dependence on the store can be minimized. Back in March, when it was clear that things were about to turn serious, I stocked up on all sorts of things – cat food and litter, toiletries, pantry items, frozen foods, trash bags, and anything else I could think of that would keep. By doing this and by managing fresh produce wisely, it became possible to hit the store every couple of weeks. While there, I would replenish supplies used from the pantry and pick up produce, thus keeping myself in a constant state of stocked up. It has saved me a lot of money not running to the store whenever I need a few things.

6. On a lighter note, I learned that the pickles pictured above are positively addictive. I don’t know what they put in these things but they’re amazing!

What have you learned from the pandemic? I would love to hear your stories!