Happiness Is . . .

Happiness is discovering treasures you forgot you own. Before heading to Asheville last month, I downsized to a smaller wallet and only took what I would need for that trip. That meant leaving behind a wallet stuffed with receipts and store loyalty cards.

When I went to locate some work receipts yesterday, I discovered a treasure trove. Mixed in with that wad of receipts was a $1 winning lottery ticket, two tickets to Franklin Park Conservatory, a punchcard for my favorite place to get a cheese and veggie sandwich, and a $20 bill.

Best of all, there was a card for a man I encountered in a very unusual conversation at a tire shop earlier this year. THAT is a story for another time but trust me when I say the memory made my day.

While some of these things have monetary value, that card simply holds a memory of a lesson and a conversation. Yet it was more important to me than the money.

There’s no accounting for happiness!

Food For Thought

Williamsburg, Virginia is home to a great little restaurant called Food For Thought.

In addition to an interesting variety of delicious dishes on the menu, the atmosphere here is fantastic. It feels a bit upscale without seeming snooty. More importantly, the place is designed to get you thinking and talking.

Quotes on the wall set a positive and thoughtful tone. Conversation cards on the tables provide fun quotes and thought provoking questions to help get the conversation started. They want you to put down your phone and actually talk to your dining companions.

I was there with someone I knew well but still learned some things about him thanks to conversation starters that I wouldn’t have come up with on my own.

Interested? Click here for details.

In case you’re wondering. I had no trouble finding vegetarian options here and they offer a gluten free menu too!