Hammond Hardware Store

Occasionally you find a place that feels as much like a time machine as it does a store. That’s the case with Hammond Hardware in Hamden, Ohio.

The building dates to 1902 and has the original tin ceiling, hardwood floors and antique fixtures to prove it. It even smells old. Not musty or bad but aged and like there’s some wisdom to be found here if you are willing to listen.

The store sells all manner of things in addition to the tools, seeds, paints, and animal feed you might expect to find at a hardware.

They try to stock local and regionally made items first. For example, you’ll find handmade candles by my friend Susan at Zaleski Candleworks, Silver Bridge Coffee and handmade soaps from West Virginia. They have Mosser Glass from Cambridge, Ohio, locally made crafts and lots of old fashioned candy.

They have preserved many old fixtures and added some additional ones like an antique nail bin from a store in nearby Oak Hill. It serves as the candy counter.

For sixty years, the building was home to Souders’ Hardware. It sat empty for some time before local residents Steve and Melissa Hammond bought it with dreams of giving it new life.

When I was there yesterday, Steve enthusiastically gave me the nickel tour while I browsed. Old pictures helped them find reproduction lighting as they are working hard to be true to the integrity of the building.

I didn’t think to take a picture but there are still holes in the floor where the previous owners once threaded rope through the floor from barrels in the basement. I had never noticed such a thing in other old hardwares and was impressed by the notion. Now I’ll be on the lookout!

It really is a wonderful store and a valuable gift to the community. Our county doesn’t have a lot of places to shop and it’s a service to folks who need a quick gift, livestock feed or some traditional hardware items. Honestly, they have a little bit of everything and I’m so excited to see them grow.

They sold Christmas trees and holiday home decor last year even before the store celebrated their grand opening this spring. It was so successful that Steve says they’re already planning to do that again. He plans to maybe sell some bulk candy and to organize a community event with horse drawn wagon rides this year too.

They are eagerly looking for merchandise and ideas and clearly are over the moon to be fulfilling this dream of owning an old fashioned hardware.

One more thing – check out this mid century Coca Cola cooler! Steve said that kids come in after school for cold drinks and old fashioned candy.

This place has terrific character and great variety. I hope you’ll go visit! Find them on Facebook for hours and updates on new products. Their selection changes seasonally and they’re constantly adding new things so pay attention for new products!