Chevy Bel Air Wagon

These photos are from a hiking expedition last fall. I encountered this 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air Station Wagon in the nature preserve parking lot and couldn’t resist grabbing some snapshots.

Isn’t she grand?

The profile!

The color!

She’s so wide she barely fits the parking space. This reminds me of the station wagon my parents had when I was a kid. The leather bench seat in the pre-seatbelt-law days of the eighties was a terrifying place to slide around.

I was dying to know who owns this car but will have to settle for simply knowing it exists out there in the world.

1953 Ford F-100

Is it odd to follow a classic vehicle into a store parking lot just to get a closer look?

If so, I don’t want to be normal.

The owner was in the store by the time I made it there but I paused a moment to appreciate his 1953 Ford F-100 in terrific shape. Spotting cool old vehicles out in the wild is a priceless gift.

Old Friends

I greet vintage cars like they’re old friends. It doesn’t matter if they’re shiny museum pieces or if they’re a bucket of rust on the street – I always stop to say hi and admire their charisma.

This Pontiac was cruising through a parking lot like it owned the place. Check it out- it still has moxie!

Cars For Sale

I have really come to appreciate cars for sale along the side of the road. You see, no one thinks twice if you walk up to a car that’s for sale and start to take pictures.

You just look like a potential buyer.

Do that to any other car in someone’s driveway and you would have some explaining to do – or some e’splaining to do as Ricky used to tell Lucy.

It’s also fun to fantasize about tooling around in your own classic car!

This 1953 Buick Special was parked outside Mount Vernon, Ohio and could be yours for just $8,000. The sign says it runs great!

In Color

If you popped in here yesterday, you saw a black and white photo of a classic Chevrolet. My pal Jerry asked what color this beautiful car is and when I told him that it is black, his response was that I “yank chains nicely.”

Here’s a color depiction of the car.

When I took the photo that you saw yesterday as she was rolling down the road, I had no idea that we would cross paths again when I stopped by Ye Olde Mill for a milkshake.

They were hosting a car show that day. Since the show was just getting set up, I didn’t linger but did have the opportunity to chat with this car’s owner – an elderly lady who said you can either own a classic or you can have money but you can’t have both.

Nice lady, beautiful ’57 Chevy (even though she pointed out some work that still needs done) and a wonderful bit of serendipity on my adventure day!