Believe It

This was my fortune last night. It followed a delicious plate of Buddha Delight. Thought provoking isn’t it?

There’s something to be said for this way of thinking. If you believe something to be true you will open your mind and your life to the developments that you seek.

So who’s with me?

Affirm it, visualize it, believe it, and it will actualize itself.

Healthy (and delicious) Lunch

Eating healthy in restaurants is hard but it finally occurred to me that Chinese restaurants will serve plain steamed veggies with rice for just a few bucks. This bowl was much larger than it looks here and was packed with fresh, healthy veggies. With a side of rice, it cost about five bucks, officially making it the cheapest and healthiest lunch I could desire. You can’t even get greasy fast food for that price anymore. Plus you get a fortune cookie with some wisdom and your lucky numbers!