Enjoy the Small Things

Remember when something so simple as a little change for the gumbball machine made your day?

It can still be that way if you allow it to happen.

This machine sits in a Chillicothe dinner called Carl’s Townhouse. Going there and seeing their counter is a simple pleasure for me.

Simple pleasures can be all sorts of things – finding a favorite candy from your youth in the checkout lane at the grocery, a few stolen moments to watch the sunrise, singing along to a favorite song- there is no right or wrong answer if it makes you happy.

Find a simple pleasure and go enjoy it today!

A Fun Surprise

Old cars in unexpected places are a delightful surprise to meanderers. This little gem is sometimes parked in downtown Chillicothe. Wrapping up a recent adventure I was headed toward my favorite antique mall when I just had to pull over for a snapshot.

It was mid-afternoon so the light was harsh and the sky was white but it still looks nice against the brick.

In addition to being a neat old car, it’s a pleasant reminder that you just never know what’s around the next corner and that sometimes there’s a fun surprise waiting in your own neighborhood!

Here’s a Quarter

pay phoneWhen was the last time you used a pay phone? With a cell phone in the pocket of nearly every American adult and many of the kids, pay phones have all but disappeared from the American streetscape.

And yet, if you stroll around downtown Chillicothe, you’ll find at least two of them. That’s how many I’ve seen anyway.

When I was in college in the late nineties, there were over two million pay phones in this country. One of them was in the basement of a classroom building I frequented and I often used it to call home.

Now there’s only about 100,000 phones left in this country and I have read that many remain profitable. In Chillicothe, the phones I’ve seen are outside government buildings where you have to assume a large volume of foot traffic keeps them busy.

It seems like such an oddity that I couldn’t help but stop and snap a picture. I kind of wanted to make a call but had no reason to and I’m enough of a germophobe I really couldn’t make myself touch the receiver. But it’s reassuring to know that they’re still around.

There was a time I could hardly picture a city street clear of payphones and now they’re such relics I stop and take a picture! My, how times have changed!