High Five Cakes

Saturday was cold and windy so I was quick to take up my friend’s invitation to High Five Cakes for a hot beverage between browsing Chillicothe’s downtown shops.

The space is light and bright with big windows that look out on Paint Street, the main area where locals and tourists gather for shopping, food and fun. As pleasant as it may look, it smells divine.

They are known for their speciality cakes but they also serve bubble teas, fine baked goods and afternoon tea. Colorful macarons caught my eye as did a minty brownie of some kind. However, I opted for this nutter butter to complement my piping hot cup of hot chocolate.

It was a perfect flavor combination to enjoy from our seats in the window as we watched folks bustle down the street, clearly seeking somewhere warm to browse and load up on stocking stuffers and gifts. These whimsical geese and snowflakes above our heads added to the atmosphere.

If you go right now, look for the two pink nutcrackers that flank their door during the holidays. The pair never fail to capture my attention, and my imagination, as I wonder what stories they could tell.

If High Five Cakes sounds familiar, you might remember the owner for her appearances on the Food Network where she twice won competitions. Learn more about them at their website or simply go visit them at 81 N. Paint Street in Chillicothe.

Christmas In Chillicothe

Chillicothe held their annual Christmas kick-off event in downtown this weekend. I met a friend yesterday for some browsing, holiday fun and good food.

We met Father Christmas and his wife Holly. I have known this gentleman for many years and his wife is a talented mural artist whose work always makes me smile.

It was freezing cold so we stayed indoors, as much as possible including a stop at High Five Cakes for hot chocolate and a sweet treat. Tis nutcracker is one of two outside their front door.

Even the trolley was all decked out in Christmas decor.

There was a cold wind and the shops were crowded but it was a nice way to say hello to what is sure to be a busy holiday season. I left before all the lights were on in the city park so I’ll have to go back another night to enjoy all the pretty Christmas decorations!


I took a long stroll around Chillicothe’s Yoctangee Park one afternoon earlier this year. There had been a car show in town that day and there were a number of classics cruising through the downtown area.

Seeing them at a car show is terrific but spotting them out in the wind is amazing. So I was delighted see one pull up behind me at a traffic light. Just as I went to snap the picture in my review mirror — this happened!

Two classics of different eras in the rearview of my modern car! Perfect!

Favorite Trees And Fading Sunset

We have enjoyed a long run of gorgeous fall days. That all ends today when it turns rainy and cooler. Tomorrow will be rainy and cold, ushering in what appears to be a long patch of cooler days and cold nights.

The rain isn’t so thrilling but it’s hard to get excited about the impending holidays when it’s 68 degrees and sunny. So I’m kind of excited to see the mercury drop and maybe stop being such a grinch. All the same, I took advantage of yesterday’s sunshine with a short walk after work at Kinnikinnick Fen near Chillicothe. I have favorite trees everywhere I go and the picture above shows one of them at the Fen.

When I came home last night, the western sky was aglow with the remnants of sunset. You can see in the silhouette that the trees have lost their leaves. These are some of my favorite trees here at home – with or without their foliage.

It was a remarkable end to the day and to this streak of fine fall days. Better pack your umbrella and put on those galoshes if you’re out and about today. You will need them!

Who Could Blame Me?

When the color of the car complements the sky so well, there’s really no choice but to slam on the breaks and pull out the trusty cell phone for a picture. Who could blame me? Look how nicely the lines and colors of the buildings contrast with this car.

This classic Dodge was in charming downtown Chillicothe, Ohio on Sunday morning after my hike. That building is Fifty West Brewing Company, a popular hangout in a neighborhood that’s experiencing an impressive renaissance. Whether you’re looking for a day trip or a long weekend, there’s plenty to do in the Chillicothe area to keep you entertained.

Staying Positive

Staying positive doesn’t mean being happy all the time. It does mean that even on the hard days you are sure there are better ones ahead.

Yesterday was awful. I had a dental issue to attend to and some fires to put out at work. I drove through torrential downpours twice and forgot to stop at the pharmacy for something that I need. I almost fell asleep while waiting for the dentist (people must do that sometimes, right?) and now I have a sore at the corner of my mouth caused by something that happened at there.

I tried hard to maintain a good attitude because being upset wasn’t going to help anything but I was holding on by a rather thin thread.

What got me through the day was a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from a coworker and a bowl of piping hot homemade potato soup from the Main Eatery. This local place has a great veggie sub and the most amazing menu of ice cream treats in southern Ohio. The potato soup is fantastic too and great for a sore mouth. The knowledge that better days are ahead kept me going too.

Sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference. Sometimes it’s the mindset. Sometimes it’s simply telling ourselves that it isn’t all bad.

I’m holding onto the belief that there are better days ahead. I hope you can believe it too.