A Lunchtime Stroll

I’ve been dying to get outside and breathe some fresh air so when Thursday was sunny and warm(er), I took a walk on my lunch break. My town has a large cemetery on a hill with roads that are perfect for walking.

It may sound odd, but I rather enjoy cemeteries. They are usually peaceful and are filled with history and stories and mysteries. Here’s one that I always wonder about. Isn’t he handsome? And so very young….

It was just a mile and a half walk but it was enough to clear my mind and energize me for the rest of the day. I felt so much better for it and only wish it could be an everyday habit.

And for good measure, here’s a barn that’s visible from the cemetery. Cause you know how I like my barns!

Happy Saturday, friends.

Canaanville United Methodist Church


We visited my maternal grandmother most weekends when I was a kid. Since her home at Joy was a couple of hours away, we made the journey from our home on Friday night and left hers most Sunday mornings, a pretty boring weekend for an eighties kid in a house with no tv.

My folks had some kind of boat of a Ford station wagon and, in the days before making your kid wear a seatbelt was the law, I remember sliding on the leather seats as we flew around the twisty, windy roads of Morgan County.

When you left Athens you turned onto the very curvy 690 where I was most at risk for car sickness. Going up this hill, you passed Canaanville United Methodist Church which seemed so big when I was a kid and was a sign that I needed to hold on tight and tell my mother at the first sign of car sickness.

But I digress…

For reasons I do not know and probably wouldn’t understand anyway, they relocated the road, making the entrance to 690 just a stone’s throw from where it originally began. This little country church can still be seen from Rt. 32 but its presence on the journey to Joy is no longer so prominent.

Sunday was errand day for me. After doing my chores in Athens I saw a movie and got the idea to go for a little drive while the light was still nice. One stop on this quick trip was this church. All those years driving by, we never had a need to get out and look around. So that’s what I did. I explored the cemetery a bit before heading backĀ  into town.

It’s just as pretty as ever but no longer seems so large. Instead, it feels a little like it was pushed aside when the new road was built. The cemetery isn’t large but it was enough to keep me entertained as a I wandered around reading headstones. My friends won’t be surprised that I liked the old section best and especially appreciated the headstone pictured below that remains legible but has a severe lean to it.


Incidentally, I photographed a couple of other churches that day. One of which, I learned later, may actually be a private residence now. If so, they probably ought to take down the sign out front to prevent people like me from marching up to their front door for pictures or to let themselves in for Sunday School. But I suppose that’s their business and maybe they don’t care.

I also have to say that those twisty roads are way more fun since I’m in the driver’s seat and have fresh tires on my car! Perspective changes everything!