The man who created the Marmaduke comic strip is from the same area of New York as Lucile Ball.

He isn’t celebrated on the same level as that famous redhead but there’s a really nice exhibit about him at the National Comedy Center in Jamestown and a statue outside the city.

His name is Brad Anderson. A World War II Navy veteran, Anderson spent years drawing dog characters for magazine cartoons before hitting on Marmaduke.

Anderson drew Marmaduke from 1954 until his death in 2015 at the age of 91. That enormous, messy but endearing Great Dane was an important member of the fictional Winslow family.

I think many people find Marmaduke relatable as so many who own pets treat them like family. We accept their quirks, demands and troublemaking as part of the package along with the cuddles and all their charms.

Anderson’s art studio was recreated at the National Comedy Center in Jamestown as part of an exhibit the celebrates comics and animation. Donated items include his drawing board and lots of other materials. The clutter and personal items make it seem like he just got up to refill his coffee and never returned.

The statue is located in the nearby town of Portland and shows a life size Anderson with his famous dog. The statue is surrounded by a sponsored brick path with personalized sentiments.

Many are in memory of dogs and people. Some commemorate families or local businesses. My favorite was this one. It is in memory of the purchaser’s late husband and says “Let’s see what Marm’s up to today.”

If you’re in the area for Lake Erie activities, to visit this lighthouse or to do the Lucytown tour (which I highly recommend), getting to the statue is a nice little drive through wine country and takes you past Ella the Elephant!

Perfectly Normal

Working from home has presented some unique challenges. I’m actually more productive at my quiet house but I also can go for long periods of time without speaking to or seeing other humans.

I think I’m doing ok with this. My mental health seems strong. And then I realized last night that I’ve been naming all the little creatures at the bird feeder.

Meet Laverne….

…and Shirley…..

And yes, there’s a Lenny and Squiggy too but I don’t have pictures of those guys.

Then there are the chipmunks – Alvin, Simon and Theodore – that chase each other around the yard as well as a woodpecker that I can’t resist calling Woody.

Naming the wildlife…. that’s perfectly normal, right? Right???