Butterfly Magic

Franklin Park Conservatory is a special place at any time of year. However, it will be extra special for the next couple of months as they are hosting their annual Blooms and Butterflies event.

The butterflies inhabit the Pacific Island Water Garden. This is a lovely space any time of year with its water feature and Chihuly sculptures surrounded by towering palms, delicate ferns and other plants that add rich texture..

A sign helps visitors identify the approximate two dozen types of butterflies you might encounter. I was pleased to see about a dozen different varieties as they flitted about hither and fro. It’s always pleasing how energetic they are even though there seems to be no rhyme or reason to their activity.

I walked through the space three times and sought out places to stop for a while and wait for the butterflies to come to me. I saw people just walk through and I suspect they didn’t get to see many. You have to stop and study your surroundings and be patient. Do this and you won’t be disappointed.

I had a near magical experience involving the biggest butterfly I have ever seen. There was a Common Blue Morpho that soared high above us all, never landing and rarely slowing down. These butterflies measure between 4” and 4.8” so they are easy to spot and recognize.

I badly wanted a photo but it just wasn’t happening. Meanwhile, I directed my attention to this lovely gal pictures here.

When I lowered my dslr, that gorgeous blue butterfly was perched on the end of my lens. It seemed that time stood still for those two seconds before it took off again.

There was a guy standing nearby, camera in hand, but so stunned that he didn’t even think to snap a photo. So I have no evidence of the experience but I have a memory of the magical interaction and I will cherish it.

In addition to this butterfly room, they also have what they call a Metamorphosis Lab where you can see the various stages of a butterfly’s lifespan and, if you’re lucky, witness new butterflies emerge.

If you go, make time to enjoy the orchids as well.

This event runs through May 30 and this experience is included in the general admission price. Find more information here. It is worth every penny too. Go, if you can!