Smile For The Camera

Scout hates cameras and honestly, cameras don’t like him either. His rich, shiny black coat practically absorbs light and he tends to be blurry in most pictures. My best chance at good photos involves catching him sitting still in natural light.

This week I broke down and upgraded the iPhone I hated to one that seems pretty nice so far. The true test of the camera is whether it can capture Scout.

Miraculously, I got a couple of good images on the first try. Much to his chagrin, of course! The above picture is what happened when I told him to smile. The juxtaposition between Scout’s frown and the smiley snowman cracks me up.

Don’t worry. I’ll keep trying!

Scout In Costume

I forgot to share Scout’s Halloween picture. He hated the hat but was surprisingly cool with the cape. He knows how to rock a great costume with the confidence of a model on a catwalk.

Here’s his other costume. He liked this one better because it didn’t require a hat that covered up his nice ears. He really does make a nice Batcat!

Happy Saturday, friends. Go forth and enjoy this day.

Cross Paths With A Black Cat Today

It’s Friday the 13th. Are you superstitious?

Whatever you do, don’t buy in to the belief that black cats are bad luck. As far as I can tell, this little house panther has been good for me.

In Japan, black cats are thought to bring suitors to a single woman. Haha. Scout hasn’t been useful in that regard but that’s ok. He’s an awfully good boyfriend on his own.

So go ahead. Cross paths with that black cat. Better yet, adopt one and bring it home with you.

You never know but you might be lucky like me and get to adopt Batcat!