A Walk In The Rain

I got caught in the rain yesterday. It was magnificent. The day was gloomy and a strong breeze warned of an incoming storm but I ignored the warnings and headed to the lake for a walk anyway.

Giggles and screams filled the air as parents gathered beach blankets and coolers while herding their kids to the car. It was just a gentle summer rain so I cherished how cool it felt on my shoulders and how the breeze almost gave me a chill.

While everyone else ran for the car, I just enjoyed the moment. Isn’t it funny the things that can make our day?

Wet or dry, I hope you enjoy this day!

Long Weekend

A three day weekend is like hitting a lottery that gives you extra free time. I like to use long weekends for adventuring but this wasn’t the case for this weekend celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I’m mostly staying home this No Spend Month. Plus, thanks to Covid, there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do once you get there.

Consequently, I spent Friday night and yesterday fussing that I was wasting time. After all, when you work all week, free days feel like a luxury that shouldn’t be squandered.

Yesterday, I walked at a local park and made an effort to look for different things to photograph. Like this.

And this.

So far this weekend I have made some really good vegan mac and cheese and watched the movie Jo Jo Rabbit, the wonderful documentary Streetlight Harmonies and a few episodes of I Love Lucy. I played with the cat, read some, wrote a letter on nice stationary, got a little rest and did some organizing.

Friends, my fridge is both clean and organized.

It was a nice balance of fun and work, active and lazy. When I think about it that way- it all seems like a good use of my time. Enjoy this day, friends.