Grace Christian

This old church is located on a side street of Jefferson, Ohio. I swung through town on my way back from Jamestown, New York last year and snapped these pictures with my iPhone.

I found it both lovely and haunting. Here’s one more.

What A Difference

What a difference a day makes! The top picture was made at Lake Alma Saturday. It was 26 degrees and windy but the sunshine and blue skies made an outstanding backdrop for pictures and for a brisk walk.

The next photo was made at about the same time on Sunday. It was 35 degrees and calm. Snow was moving in to the area and the sky was positively white. Luckily, the extra nine degrees made it seem almost pleasant.

I couldn’t help but think how nice all my pictures would look in black and white. They’re not nice so much as a bit haunting.

Here’s one more for good measure.

This is your friendly reminder that life is a series of trade offs. Some days are beautiful but so cold it chills you to the bone. Some days are much kinder despite the gloom and grey.

Whether the skies are brilliant blue or washed out white, find a way to enjoy it all.

Lamb’s Cleaners

It’s in New Lexington, Ohio. That’s all I know.

Well, that, and that I like their sign. Sometimes I capture sign pictures simply because the font, shape or color are appealing.

Hey! Here’s a laundry joke for you!

What’s the opposite of irony?


Ahem. Bad humor aside, I hope you’re having a good weekend, friends. Sometimes we have to just do what we have to do to get by.

One Nation

Photo Courtesy Smithsonian Magazine

I have a lot on my mind today. None of it am I prepared to organize and share.

Instead, I encourage you all to be kind to one another, to set aside your differences, to embrace what is right, and to move forward as part of the solution.

Enough is enough. Our country badly needs to heal as one nation.

Words matter. So I leave you with these 31 words.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America

And to the Republic for which it stands

One nation, under God

Indivisible with Liberty and justice for all.

Snow In Black And White

Snow begs to be preserved in black and white. Sometimes I wonder why I feel compelled to rob a perfectly fine picture of its color but there’s peace and serenity to be found in these images from home.

These small trees in my back yard remind me some of Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. Perhaps this is why I like them so. They’re underdogs.

And the giant in my front yard that I often photograph in snow, rain, sunshine, sunrise and dusk. It seems even more imposing here than it does in any other photo in my collection.

When it snows I frequent the same spots around my yard but am often amazed at how appearances change in different light, with different snow.

Black and white transforms these scenes into something completely different. This snow from Christmas is long gone but I look forward to the next snow and the opportunities afforded to my camera.