Squeezing In And Looking Down

Sometimes you have to squeeze in what you need around the stuff you have to do. Whether it’s rest or adventure, odds are other people in your life aren’t going to make sure you get what you need. It’s up to you to find time.

Yesterday didn’t go as planned so, when my commitments were finally done, it was time for some badly needed exercise and fresh air.

I detoured to Lake Hope State Park where I hiked in my dress pants. You see, I had hiking shoes but no change of clothes. That didn’t matter at all since I was there for my sanity rather than a fashion show.

My focus this time was on the ground and all the fascinating things Mother Nature leaves lying around.

Red and orange scream fall to me.

This acorn caught my eye.

Oh, and the fungi were fabulous!

Incidentally, fungi always remind me of British writer Beatrix Potter. You probably know her for children’s storybook characters like Peter Rabbit. Did you know that her fascination with nature and drawings of outdoor subjects actually began with mushrooms?

She was a prolific and talented painter of mushrooms, mosses and spores before ever imagining the incredible world of the delightful Peter Rabbit.

Stick around, friends. I’m the keeper of all kinds of useless information!

If you’re out and about today – whether it be on the trail or wandering around your hometown, be sure to look down occasionally and study the ground for interesting things. You may be surprised at the beauty you find!