Friday Night Drive

Not every day can be fun. However, I think it’s possible to add something to every day that makes it interesting, fun or worthwhile.

After work yesterday, I hit the road to run some errands in Athens County. Along the way, I took a few turns onto some roads I have never traveled just to see where they go and to see what I might see.

It’s one of my favorite things to do, you know.

I liked this small barn in a bend in the road.

I agree with this sign. Trapping drunks seems smart to me. Sadly, this sign represents a neighborhood feud that you can read about here.

This barn was striking against the vibrant sky and grass. I like the lines and this scene makes me think that summer isn’t far off.

Friends, not every day can be a great day. But, if you can, do whatever is possible to make it a better day.

Barn On 104

There’s nothing more satisfying or freeing than taking the time to study the landscape while driving along a country road. When I travel to Columbus for recreation, I like to avoid the four lane raceway we call Route 23 in favor of the slower paced Route 104.

It isn’t fun to drive at busier times of the day thanks to farm equipment and school buses but it’s pure bliss early on a Saturday morning. It was especially quiet last weekend so I was able to pull over for some pictures.

This is one of my favorites from that morning. The stark skeleton trees looked so pretty against the early morning sky and you know how I like old barn wood!

Come back tomorrow and we’ll go on a tour of the Ohio Statehouse!

Big Sky

I braked for some pictures on the way home yesterday. The sky seemed enormous and the colors more vivid than a box of Crayola Crayons.

The top picture is the Ohio Bicentennial Barn in Vinton County and the photo below is a nearby octagon barn, my favorite barn anywhere.

Isn’t it the very vision of spring? Enjoy this day, friends. Here’s hoping for big skies, vibrant color and adventures wherever you may be.

Barn Chasing

This barn was visible in the distance as I wandered Fairfield County backroads Saturday. I couldn’t resist going for a closer look.

Regular readers here will notice that old barns are a common theme in my photos. In this area they are typically wood with a metal roof. Sometimes they have interesting cupolas, stone foundations or weather vanes. That’s great but I’m just as fond of simple lines and no adornments. I like the silhouette of a wood or stone barn against an expansive sky.

Barns were once the heart of a farm and the few remaining are larger than life examples of folk art.

Modern barns are typically sided with metal and have about as much character as a box of rocks. Of course, we’re lucky to have any barns or farms left as it becomes harder every day for small farmers to survive.

I also drove past several tracts of farmland turned construction sites. New homes will soon take over the landscape, a timely reminder of why these pleasant surprises along country roads are becoming harder to find.