Ashville Viking Festival

Two years ago I went to a Viking Festival in Ashville, Ohio. I know people who roll their eyes when this event is mentioned but I am happy to say this is one of the neatest events in my area.

The entrance fee was a donation of canned goods for a local charity. There were speakers, music, and people demonstrating all sorts of things. Also, it isn’t just about Vikings. There were many Renaissance related vendors and people entertaining plus lots of kid friendly activities.

It is much like the big Renaissance Fair they have in western Ohio only better in many ways. I certainly had more fun at this event.

Sadly, I missed it last year because of illness. And, of course, it was cancelled this year.

Will the third time be the charm? I’m dying to go back. If you’re in Ohio and this sort of thing appeals to you, mark your 2021 calendars and find a way there.