Hiding In Plain Sight

z old lancaster church.jpgA recent work assignment found me on foot in Lancaster looking for photo ops. The thing about walking is that you notice things that you might miss from the car. Case in point: this old church, tucked in between two houses on a street about a block from downtown.

Check out the window and the patina on the brick!

z old lancaster church 3.jpg

It appears to be a private residence now and I would love to see inside but obviously had to settle for a couple of exterior snapshots before moving on and getting back to work. It was hot that morning and I was too warm and tired by about 10 a.m. so this little shaded area was quite inviting and I could imagine sitting down under the tree with a cold drink and a book.

What a cool place to live.


Would You Live Here?

I want to live here. What do you think? Would you live in an old fire station? I think this has a ton of potential!

It’s very trendy right now to convert old schools, churches and other public buildings into private homes. I would love to see inside sometime.

I’m guessing there’s a ton of exposed brick!

Carriage Shop

You don’t have to travel very far on the National Road in Indiana to see some interesting things. Route 40 is four lane most of the way and cuts through farm country and small towns. You’ll see a lot of kitsch along the way and there are tons of antiques stores as the eastern section of this route had been branded “Antique Alley.”

This is one of many neat things I pulled over to take pictures of during my last trip through. It’s right along the highway in a cute town called Dublin.

Here’s a question – which do you prefer- color or black and white?

Barn Wood and Pretty Skies

Look how pretty the clouds were yesterday! If you’re a frequent flyer on my blog, you know how much I love barns, old churches and other great old buildings. This one is no exception.

Blue skies and puffy white clouds make the perfect backdrop for weathered barn siding so I had to pull over for a few seconds to grab this photo with my phone.

Is there something you always look for in your travels? Tell me in the comments!

Old Chicago at the Old Moon Theater

chicago theater vincennes 2I was talking to someone yesterday about some of the roaming I did in Indiana last year. It reminded me of an evening in Vincennes where there was a fun little street fair underway. There were old cars, great architecture and lots of fun to be had that night. I wandered around with my camera and talked to strangers for a bit.

When the light began to fade and my stomach started to growl, I found my way into Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom. This is a chain but there is something very special about the building. It’s an old movie theater!

The New Moon Theater was built in downtown Vincennes in 1939 and quickly became a landmark where people lined up around the block to purchase tickets. Like so many old buildings, it was repurposed a few times over the years before being shuttered and at risk of loss.

Some investors sunk a lot of money into this property, transforming it into restaurant space that employs about a hundred people. Craft pizza and beers are the specialty and the atmosphere is welcoming.

chicago theater vincennes 1They did a nice job with the remodel. You really wouldn’t know that it was once a theater but there’s exposed brick so I’ll forgive them. The decor is mostly timeless and very comfortable so I was glad to hang here for a while.

The service was fantastic too, not for perfection but for how my server handled a problem. I had ordered a veggie calzone and they accidentally put sausage in it. I’m not a picky eater but am pescaterian so I wasn’t thrilled to find meat in my food.

I was nice when I pointed out the error because it was just a simple mistake.  She was absolutely appalled, brought me new food straightaway and got the manager to comp my meal without my asking. I didn’t expect anything for free and she was so sweet I tipped her the price of my meal.

You really find out what people are made of when you see how they react to a problem and that young lady was made to work in customer service. In case your’re wondering, the calzone was excellent too.

So, if you’re ever in Vincennes, Indiana and have a hankering for some great food in a fun environment, check out the Old Chicago!

There’s a good bit of history in Vincennes, including a number of stories that I haven’t told here yet. They’re on the list but I haven’t gotten to them. I did, however, write about the Red Skelton Museum which I loved, as well as about this road trip in general. 

This was the trip where I swore I would see more sunrises in my daily life. 

I’ve failed miserably at this goal but at least I try, right?


Architectural Details

There’s nothing like a building with surprising architectural details. Here are a few from the Henry Clay Estate down in Lexington, Kentucky. It’s called Ashland and it’s spectacular. You can tour the home and grounds for a nominal fee and the volunteers are thrilled to have visitors so consider a visit if you’re ever in Lexington and have some free time.


Click here to read about the Cat Who Lived at Ashland. It’s a neat story, especially if you’re a cat lover.