Seeing Red

The color red draws me in like a moth to flame. This is never more apparent than when scrolling through my camera roll after an antiquing trip.

The day I found the lunchboxes, I also found this adorable kiddie tractor.

Nifty wall art, reproduction but cute for a kitchen.

This fabulous red typewriter that I badly wanted. It’s the sort of typewriter that great novels should be written on!

A great Coca Cola cooler.

And an even better Coke machine.

Of course, I bought none of these things but they made for great study during my little field trip.

Is there a color or a type of object that catches your eye?

Zaleski Candle Works

Zaleski Candle Works is a fantastic store in my community. I am ashamed to say that I don’t make it in very often but instead buy their product from some other local stores – like the Rusted Barn and the Lake Hope Lodge – that sell their candles and wax tarts.

The owner is a friend of mine – Susan, who makes the best candles. They hold their scent and smell better than any big box store candle you can buy. The variety of scents is incredible too. From fresh linen to fruit loops and from flowery scents to winter aromas with lots of cinnamon and spices, it seems like she has something for everyone. She even makes several masculine scents.

Have a container you want filled with wax? She’s happy to do that and will even put together gift baskets just for you.

The store is a really special place to visit as it’s located inside an old barn. Old wood floors and walls make a terrific backdrop for her handmade candles, antiques and reproduction items.

Not to mention, Susan is an incredibly nice person and fun to chat with. She’s been a wonderful advocate for tourism and for small businesses in our community. She also hosts one of the county’s quilt blocks. Isn’t it pretty on her red barn?

If you’re local or visiting my area, check out the store! Find Zaleski Candle Works on Facebook for hours and details.

Post Covid Bucket List: Antiques Village

It’s not a village and they don’t just sell antiques but Antiques Village is one of my favorite places to search for treasures. It’s in Dayton and I’ve been going a couple of times a year for the last two years.

It appears to be an old grocery store in a strip mall and it’s packed with over 350 vendors selling antiques, crafts, reproduction items, books and all manner of other fun things.

You can absolutely get lost in a place like this.

If you’re a record collector like me, there are tons of records here. I’m actually ashamed to say how many albums I’ve bought here so we won’t dwell on this topic. . .

One large corner is devoted to books which are sold to benefit a local charity. There’s a vendor that specializes in vintage clothing, hats and bags. Their prices are a bit high but it’s a fun booth to browse. Plus there’s lots of furniture and a couple of booths with high end farmhouse decor that I always admire but that doesn’t fit my personal style.

And then there are the more traditional antique mall kind of booths where you find everything but the kitchen sink.

It’s Covid closed right now but when things open up, I’m thinking this will be a day trip. If I can time it right, maybe I can stop and see my pilot friend for a ride in one of his vintage biplanes. There’s a restaurant in downtown Dayton that can make a vegan version of almost every menu item so that will be a must as well.

Click here to visit their website for locations and hours.

There are tons of vendor malls, junk shops, record stores, book shops, and antique stores that will be grateful for our business including many in my own area. Don’t forget to give them some business when you can!

What’s on your bucket list when this is all done?

The Chair

This chair was for sale in an antique store near Kenton, Ohio. It’s actually in a cute little town called Mt. Victory that boasts several antique stores.

I didn’t look at the price because it wouldn’t fit in the car but can’t get out of my head that I need a chair like this. Wouldn’t it make a great reading chair? Is it bad that I’m still drooling over this chair almost a month later? I’m in vacation saving mode now so there will be no chair acquisition in my immediate future but it’s nice to dream.

That exposed brick wall is awfully nice too.

It’s so important to have a great place to relax in your home. What’s your favorite room like? Tell me in the comments! I’m always looking for ideas to cozy up my home!

If you’re in the Mt. Victory area, it would be worth a stop to check out their antique stores! The drive-in theater with the great sign is nearby too!

There Was A Time

There was a time you could pick up a cool old coffee can for under $10. I have a few in my collection of random stuff – two hold flowers on the back porch and there are two or three in my kitchen too. All are missing the lids so they came for the bargain basement price of about five bucks.

I’ve seen many coffee cans lately but they’re going for upwards $20 and sometimes $30-$40 regardless of condition. These were over $50.

The market drives the prices but it’s shocking how quickly the tide turns and the prices rise.

Another item that has become almost too expensive to collect is records. In one of these bins, I found a Nat King Cole album that I purchase a couple of years ago for $2. Here it was $18.

The average album price in this antique mall was about $13 but many reissues of albums go for about $16. Since all the cool kids are going vintage I’m guessing prices will only continue to increase.

What do you collect that has seen a rise in prices?

A Change Of Plans

Today’s post was supposed to be about a light display in a neighboring town. The plan was to go last night and grab a vegan burger from a mom and pop place in the neighborhood.

But the sun was shining yesterday and it was beautiful. Consequently, I made the game time decision to spend the morning hiking and stay home last night. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow!

That’s actually one benefit of being single – a gal can change her mind without considering anyone else’s feelings anytime she likes.

It’s dark when I leave work so hiking isn’t typically an option this time of year. It seemed smart to take advantage of the sunshine.

It was 30 degrees when I went into the woods and about 15 degrees warmer on exit. There weren’t many people out – mainly the hearty souls like me who really wanted to be in nature.

So it was a great day for a stretch of the legs and just what I needed to help clear my mind. In fact, I went in feeling a bit uptight but came out feeling great.

A quick trip through the antique mall yielded a new book. Afterward, a sandwich from a local deli resulted in an impromptu picnic. Hey! The sun was shining and it was above freezing! It was a perfect day for it!

It turned out to be a great day.

Nature was calling. I had to go. I’ve seen those Christmas lights before and they will be there later.