Old Cat, Young Cat

This picture comes from an antique mall up around Canton. It was on my phone because I liked the chairs and just snapped a quick picture. Not until last night did I notice the yellow sign hanging above the chairs.

It reads:

Old cat

Young cat

Several stupid cats

Please drive slowly

I laughed hard when I saw it and am sad that I missed out on this awesome sign. Although, experience has taught me that cats are incredibly smart. They’re also often set in their ways, understanding how to get their way by simply wearing you down. That seems pretty smart to me!

Sugartree Mill Company

Wilmington, Ohio is home to a fantastic store that’s located in an old flour mill. It’s called Sugartree Mill Company and here you’ll find a nice assortment of antiques, reproductions and all the little things you need to make your house feel like a home.

As it turns out, this business is loosely tied to the Martinsville Road Covered Bridge that I wrote about yesterday. You see, that bridge was built by Champion Bridge Company in 1871. That Wilmington based company is still in operation and is one of the oldest bridge builders in the US.

The people who own that company bought the circa 1881 mill a few years ago and breathed new life into it. The place has tremendous character with light and airy spaces, archways, exposed brick and gorgeous displays of new and old pieces.

They have a great selection of artificial flowers and plants that are so realistic you may forget and give them water.

There are table linens, garden decor, stationary, jewelry and more. There are also a lot of antique and vintage items including some things I hadn’t seen before.

I was enamored with this handmade carousel horse and a vintage typewriter. They have a handful of things that aren’t for sale including the witness stand from the Municipal Courtroom in the old Wilmington City Hall.

The area pictured above made me want to sit a spell with a book and a cat.

I needed nothing but found a deal on a vintage suitcase and throughly enjoyed the shopping experience.

It never ceases to amaze me how connected things are in this world. I went looking for the bridge and the store that day separately and without knowing there was any connection. The bridge company only entered my consciousness when putting together yesterday’s story about the pretty red bridge and I was surprised to see the builder come up in the conversation about this store.

These small surprises are perhaps my favorite part of this world.

Want to visit Sugartree Mill Company? Click here for their hours, address and other details.

Ohio Valley Antique Mall

One of my favorite antiquing destinations is the Ohio Valley Antique Mall in Fairfield. That’s in the greater Cincinnati area so it’s a bit of a haul over there but always worth the trip because they have so much stuff and typically good prices.

Best of all, there’s not a lot of the flea market junk we have at some stores closer to home. Instead, there’s a lot of quality booths brimming with treasures.

Someone likes green. This entire booth is devoted to items in various shades of green. It’s the only place I’ve ever seen this done to this scale. This is actually less than one half of the booth.

Then there are the suitcases. So many suitcases!

And a fair amount of ingenious upcycling.

Booths like this always make me think there’s a guy out there who got married and whose new wife wouldn’t let him keep his man cave. I mean, it looks like some dude’s rec room just got packed up and moved to a corner booth!

If you’re into Fiesta, there’s a booth packed with new Fiesta items. Honestly, they have so much stuff here that if you can’t find it, you probably don’t need it.

Want to go? Check out their website for hours and information. They do have restrooms, vending machines and a snack bar. There are also a couple of fast food restaurants in adjacent parking lots.

Pop Of Pink

We all need a reason to smile, especially on Mondays. Ohio today will be sunny, humid and hot with possible thunderstorms to come tonight. That means it could be bone dry or we might have flash floods later. You never know around here.

Regardless, it will be hot so my advice is you stay in the cool, hydrate and look for any reason you can to smile. For me, it’s this old bell and pop of pink flowers.

Sometimes it really is the small things that mean the most.

Seeing Red

The color red draws me in like a moth to flame. This is never more apparent than when scrolling through my camera roll after an antiquing trip.

The day I found the lunchboxes, I also found this adorable kiddie tractor.

Nifty wall art, reproduction but cute for a kitchen.

This fabulous red typewriter that I badly wanted. It’s the sort of typewriter that great novels should be written on!

A great Coca Cola cooler.

And an even better Coke machine.

Of course, I bought none of these things but they made for great study during my little field trip.

Is there a color or a type of object that catches your eye?

Zaleski Candle Works

Zaleski Candle Works is a fantastic store in my community. I am ashamed to say that I don’t make it in very often but instead buy their product from some other local stores – like the Rusted Barn and the Lake Hope Lodge – that sell their candles and wax tarts.

The owner is a friend of mine – Susan, who makes the best candles. They hold their scent and smell better than any big box store candle you can buy. The variety of scents is incredible too. From fresh linen to fruit loops and from flowery scents to winter aromas with lots of cinnamon and spices, it seems like she has something for everyone. She even makes several masculine scents.

Have a container you want filled with wax? She’s happy to do that and will even put together gift baskets just for you.

The store is a really special place to visit as it’s located inside an old barn. Old wood floors and walls make a terrific backdrop for her handmade candles, antiques and reproduction items.

Not to mention, Susan is an incredibly nice person and fun to chat with. She’s been a wonderful advocate for tourism and for small businesses in our community. She also hosts one of the county’s quilt blocks. Isn’t it pretty on her red barn?

If you’re local or visiting my area, check out the store! Find Zaleski Candle Works on Facebook for hours and details.