Sugartree Mill Company

Wilmington, Ohio is home to a fantastic store that’s located in an old flour mill. It’s called Sugartree Mill Company and here you’ll find a nice assortment of antiques, reproductions and all the little things you need to make your house feel like a home.

As it turns out, this business is loosely tied to the Martinsville Road Covered Bridge that I wrote about yesterday. You see, that bridge was built by Champion Bridge Company in 1871. That Wilmington based company is still in operation and is one of the oldest bridge builders in the US.

The people who own that company bought the circa 1881 mill a few years ago and breathed new life into it. The place has tremendous character with light and airy spaces, archways, exposed brick and gorgeous displays of new and old pieces.

They have a great selection of artificial flowers and plants that are so realistic you may forget and give them water.

There are table linens, garden decor, stationary, jewelry and more. There are also a lot of antique and vintage items including some things I hadn’t seen before.

I was enamored with this handmade carousel horse and a vintage typewriter. They have a handful of things that aren’t for sale including the witness stand from the Municipal Courtroom in the old Wilmington City Hall.

The area pictured above made me want to sit a spell with a book and a cat.

I needed nothing but found a deal on a vintage suitcase and throughly enjoyed the shopping experience.

It never ceases to amaze me how connected things are in this world. I went looking for the bridge and the store that day separately and without knowing there was any connection. The bridge company only entered my consciousness when putting together yesterday’s story about the pretty red bridge and I was surprised to see the builder come up in the conversation about this store.

These small surprises are perhaps my favorite part of this world.

Want to visit Sugartree Mill Company? Click here for their hours, address and other details.

The Brass Armadillo

Antique malls tend to offer a variety of goods that aren’t actual antiques. From handmade crafts to vintage toys to books, soaps and a litany of other things, it seems you never know what you’ll find.

Imagine a big treasure hunt.

It’s a fun thing to do any day but I usually seek out an antique mall on vacation. It’s a good source of unique souvenirs but it’s also interesting to see what’s available in other areas and how it’s valued.

There are huge regional differences in how many things like vintage Christmas decor, dishes or even Coca Cola products are valued. A Coke crate can be picked up for cheap in central Indiana where there’s a big manufacturing and bottling presence. Whereas they’re about twice the price in Ohio.

As an aside, the company’s iconic contoured bottle was born in Terre Haute over a hundred years ago. That’s a different story for another day.

At the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Denver I found a lot of aviation related items including a nice print and this vintage Pan American carry-on bag. It’s in great shape and was under $20.

It’s hard to even find this sort of thing locally and it would cost significantly more around here.

I also like to seek out old snapshots like the ones pictured above with the bag. These photos can be acquired for as little as fifty cents or a few dollars. The Brass Armadillo had a ton of booths with boxes of pictures and I finally just had to cut myself off. These are especially neat souvenirs as some can be found with regional interest that show local architecture and landscape.

I like vintage photography and always think it’s sad to see family photos tossed in a box for sale. So I collect the ones that draw my eye and affectionately think of them as “The Family.”

We didn’t know it at the time, but this store is actually part of a regional chain. It’s enormous with over 600 vendors and a ton of variety.

Literally, friends. You don’t know what you’ll find around the next corner.

I was dying to bring home any number of vintage suitcases but the logistics of air travel with a somewhat fragile old suitcase were too much to deal with. Another time!

If you’re in the Denver area, I highly recommend checking out the Brass Armadillo. Learn more about them on their website or maybe find a location closer to you.