Meet Scout

Last week I had the opportunity to rescue a kitten in need. I found him darting into traffic. He had a face full of cobwebs, a handful of fleas and a nasty looking eye.

Prince Charming, he was not.

But he has a sweet personality, is incredibly smart and is such a tiny tot – too little to be on his own – that I simply had to find him a good home. Sadly, it seems everyone around here already has an abundance of cats so I decided to keep him for myself.

Truth is, having a pet right now is not in the plan. I like having the freedom to go out and do as I please, when I want and without worrying about a pet waiting at home.

But I went and did something silly and fell in love with this little guy. My new mission is to make sure his is a happy life.

Those of you who read last week’s story about the Scout will assume he’s named for the car.

He is not.

He’s such a brave and adventurous little soul, the name seemed to fit.

Also, I loved the book “To Kill A Mockingbird” and the book’s iconic character, Scout, so it’s a little tip of the hat to the late Harper Lee.

Scout loves to ride in the car, especially when he can look out the window. I’m planning to use this to my advantage and take him on some road trips. We’ll also work on using a leash and my parents are gifting their new grandchild a hiking backpack made for carrying small pets safely on adventures.

I’m sure people will think I’m crazy but I do not care. Scout will be a well traveled little fellow if I can make it work at all.

Meanwhile, he is so little he can fit into the oddest places and so dark you can hardly see him. However, his favorite place in the world seems to be curled up on my chest and wedged under my chin. If he can watch cute animal videos on my phone from this vantage point, he’s a happy boy.

I think he knows he’s found a good home and is grateful to be saved. Timing isn’t ideal but I think he came to me for a reason. Whatever it may be, I’m happy to be his.