Enslen’s Super Market

Any time life takes me to Washington Courthouse, Ohio I sneak into downtown for a peak at this old advertising piece. It faces an alley across the street from the county courthouse and promotes Enslen’s Super Market.

It’s just one of my many fun quirks. At least that’s what I say about my compulsively revisiting some of the same spots over and again.

This last trip through in mid May found me there on a Saturday morning when the sky was striking and the light was nice. While a shadow falls over part of the wall, I sort of like the way the shadow and light play against the colors.

It tends to look a little different every time I drive by and I’m always interested in how something like brick and paint can take on new character with changes in the weather.

Is there a place you revisit time and again?

Coca Cola Beauty

It’s a fabulous Coca Cola advertisement hanging out atop a building in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

The local paper confirmed with a Coca Cola archivist that it was painted in the thirties when a local bottling company was gaining momentum. I would encourage you to read the story as it is quite informative and also talks about the Mail Pouch ad I showed you earlier this week.

Whenever I see this type of advertising – no matter how old and faded – I will always stop. I will make time, go around the block, brave the rain or whatever else is going on for a closer look. These remnants of another time, another means of advertising didn’t survive the decades to be ignored and I will gladly pay attention.