In Color

If you popped in here yesterday, you saw a black and white photo of a classic Chevrolet. My pal Jerry asked what color this beautiful car is and when I told him that it is black, his response was that I “yank chains nicely.”

Here’s a color depiction of the car.

When I took the photo that you saw yesterday as she was rolling down the road, I had no idea that we would cross paths again when I stopped by Ye Olde Mill for a milkshake.

They were hosting a car show that day. Since the show was just getting set up, I didn’t linger but did have the opportunity to chat with this car’s owner – an elderly lady who said you can either own a classic or you can have money but you can’t have both.

Nice lady, beautiful ’57 Chevy (even though she pointed out some work that still needs done) and a wonderful bit of serendipity on my adventure day!