A Detour To Kinnikinnick Fen

Yesterday was a little cool but sunny so I took a detour to Kinnikinnick Fen after work. It was a short walk plus several minutes spent sifting through rocks and leaves on the beach as I listened for birds and frogs all around.

It was a delightful break from reality.

I pity people who don’t enjoy being outside or who don’t get to spend much time in nature. I feel more like myself in the quiet of nature – even if it is brief.

Wherever you are, I challenge you to get outside today. You’ll feel better. I promise.

4 thoughts on “A Detour To Kinnikinnick Fen

  1. It’s always nice to take advantage of the sunshine and spend some time outdoors, even if it’s a bit chilly outside. This looks like a lovely spot. I’m totally with you, I don’t get why people don’t enjoy the outdoors either. They’re clearly missing out. But hey, I can’t complain too much because otherwise our parks and green spaces would be much busier!

    • I live near the Hocking Hills State Parks which are heavily marketed and tend to be packed most of the time. Most of those visitors seem to be sightseers rather than nature lovers but it’s nice to see people out. That’s why I tend to drive further to quieter parks.

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