A Walk Through Point Pleasant

Yesterday was magnificent. The weather was as perfect as we could expect for February and the open road called my name. Truthfully, I didn’t go far but the day confirmed my belief that the best things are often in your own backyard.

First up was a leisurely drive to Gallipolis for lunch at China One Buffet. Then it was time to ditch the car and walk off lunch just across the river in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

Their downtown district is mostly along a street that parallels the river. There are some local interest museums, a few shops and restaurants, local services, a magnificent post office and a historic hotel.

Point Pleasant is a destination for many seeking the Mothman, a giant in West Virginia folklore. There’s a popular museum, a statue and even a festival dedicated in his honor. The Mothman is in the ranks of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster but many people take the story seriously while others just enjoy the intrigue.

I’ve shown you some other Point Pleasant landmarks before including the old State Theater.

This advertising mural has appeared here as well.

I also strolled the riverwalk, enjoying the flood wall murals and bridges.

This bridge is eye catching.

I’ll share more pictures and tell you a couple of interesting stories about the history of this area soon.

I ended the day at the Markay in Jackson, where my boss was in a play put on by the local community theater company.

It was a good day and made me crave more like it. I’m dying for a real road trip – the kind where I head somewhere new just to see what’s what along the way.

To say I have been struggling for the last couple of years is an understatement. I haven’t been myself and am beyond sick of dealing with it but yesterday was a lovely reminder of how life used to be. I am grateful for the opportunity and hopeful there will be more soon.

10 thoughts on “A Walk Through Point Pleasant

  1. Its Sunday morning and usually I am preaching to my small congregation. This morning I am on Word Press. I found your site here as I was browsing for interesting discussion. My wife and I are retired and travel in our airstream trailer. So I was attracted to how you take in God’s creation. When I see your comments I know you don’t miss much. I like that. We need to always be aware of his glory that surrounds in so many ways. Thank you for your post’s and for sharing them.

    • Thank you for stopping by and for sharing this lovely compliment. Wandering this world and seeing as much as I can is my favorite thing to do. It would be nice if more people did it so I’m excited to hear that you and your wife travel together. And in an airstream too! How fun!! Do you have a favorite destination or something you look for in your journeys?

      • No Brandi we make an loose itinerary and solid reservations in corp of engineer parks and national parks mostly. We then head out on the two lane back roads through all the towns. We try to travel only 3 hours a day and stay at least a week wherever we go. This way we are not tired when we get in and have time to enjoy are destination. We were out for about two months last spring to the southwest. Texas, New Mexico to the border, Arizona and Utah. This year we are going to Utah,New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada to finish the area’s we didn’t have time to see last time. Grand Canyon North Rim Canyon lands, Bryce National Park and Zion National Park and Black Canyon of the Gunnison in Colorado and the Las Vegas area.Mostly we just enjoy each other and God’s creation. So much to see and do. We love to hike and I am a interested photographer.

      • Your travel style sounds amazing. To be able to take your time and enjoy a place is how you truly experience it. Unfortunately, I have to shoehorn my adventures into weekends and vacations whenever I can. There’s so much to see and never enough time but I make the best of it.

        Colorado is a beautiful state and one of my favorite western destinations. Funny you should mention Vegas. I’m talking with some friends about exploring the hiking and small towns within driving distance of Las Vegas this year. Do you have a favorite trail or destination in that area? One friend has been there and has a list of must sees but I’m always open to tips.

        Do you mind if I ask what part of the country you live in?

      • Now my children say hey go to Freemont avenue and people watch you got to do that. No I have not made any trails in and around Las Vegas but Lord willing I am going to though. It really is surprising all the things to do in Las Vegas other than just the strip. There are some really nice campgrounds around Las Vegas that are very reasonable.

      • I’m looking forward to the neon sign museum. I have a weakness for vintage signs and that sounds like my kind of place.

        It was nice chatting with you. I hope you will find your way here again and be sure to say hello!

    • It is a good bridge. You should stop in town sometime and stretch your legs. Not far from downtown you’ll find a McHappy’s Donuts. This regional chain is really good and this location is a fancy new build. The design is a little too modern for my taste but I’m always so distracted by all the lovely treats in the case it’s easy to forgive.

      And you know something? It didn’t even occur to me to swing by for something to bring home.

      Anyway, good town for bridges and for boat watching!

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