A Christmas Whirlwind In New York City

Seeing New York City at Christmas has been on my bucket list since I was a kid, first seeing the Rockefeller Center tree on tv. When I mentioned that to my Pittsburgh pal Nichola earlier this year she said “let’s do it.”

Everyone needs that friend who makes adventuring a priority.

It was a whirlwind involving Nichola, her mama Patty, her college aged son and his girlfriend.

We hit the highlights but the list of wants that we didn’t touch was a mile long. Rest assured we are already talking about a sequel trip in warmer weather.

That’s the thing about a place like New York. There is so much to see in the way of iconic landmarks that it’s hard to get to all the cool off the beaten path stuff. Plus, there’s always something new to see

It would be amazing to spend time wandering neighborhoods and seeing what’s what.

Another time.

For now, I am home with lots of memories and stories to share with you. I also have a burning desire to sleep for a hundred years since rest wasn’t really a priority. Plus, I ate very little that was good for me so I was stoked to come home and make a veggie omelette and sautéed zucchini for dinner.

So check back for more on the holiday stuff, the observation tower we chose, lots of random pictures and many thoughts from a country mouse who had a fantastic time in the big city.

Plus, I have photos from the Phipps Christmas display in Pittsburgh and from the Christmas fun in Cambridge, Ohio. I’ll squeeze it all in soon!

6 thoughts on “A Christmas Whirlwind In New York City

  1. Oooo I’m jealous! Christmas in NYC and NYC in general is on my bucket list, too. And I want to go to all the off the beaten path stuff some day. I look forward to your pictures and reports!

  2. Love it that the “country mouse”, got to spend some time with the “city mice”.
    Scout will love hearing all about it, I’m sure!
    My cat also hates it when the suitcase comes out. Often she decides to sleep in it.

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