Smile For The Camera

Scout hates cameras and honestly, cameras don’t like him either. His rich, shiny black coat practically absorbs light and he tends to be blurry in most pictures. My best chance at good photos involves catching him sitting still in natural light.

This week I broke down and upgraded the iPhone I hated to one that seems pretty nice so far. The true test of the camera is whether it can capture Scout.

Miraculously, I got a couple of good images on the first try. Much to his chagrin, of course! The above picture is what happened when I told him to smile. The juxtaposition between Scout’s frown and the smiley snowman cracks me up.

Don’t worry. I’ll keep trying!

4 thoughts on “Smile For The Camera

  1. He’s behind me, making that happy face again, isn’t he?

    Black cats are tricky to photograph, but you and the phone did a nice job here.

      • I think you’ve got the best solution already. A modern camera or phone that needs relatively little light.

        The only other thing that has worked for me is one of those ridiculously large strobe flashes from the ’80s that you can tilt up and bounce the light off the ceiling rather than directly using flash on the cat. That just gets you awful reflections in their eyes, and teaches them to dislike the camera even more.

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