Alley View

Viewing a street from an adjacent alley is one of my favorite things to do. This alley runs behind the Hotel Millersburg in Millersburg, Ohio. This quaint town is the county seat of Holmes County in the heart of Amish Country.

I enjoyed this small town with its antique stores, tree lined streets and interesting old buildings. In the above picture you get a partial view of the Holmes County Courthouse, the crown jewel of the downtown.

It was built in 1880 and is grand. Here’s another view.

The clock tower is great

As much as I enjoy seeing the entire building, I like that alley view a lot. It’s just a glimpse but enough to make you want to see more. That’s the thing about adventuring – it gives you a peek of what’s out there and a reason to go explore!

4 thoughts on “Alley View

    • It is a nice one. I had planned to attempt to see inside since I was there in a weekday. Ohio courthouse security is inconsistent and they sometimes won’t let you in without stating your business. I recently learned that some don’t allow photography. Anyway, I had planned to try but timing didn’t work at all. Another time!

      • Well, yes. I absolutely agree. Unfortunately, many local governments, especially in rural areas, struggle to have adequate security and can be easy targets. So I understand but wish they would seek a better arrangement.

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