Of all the paths you take in this life, make sure a few of them are country roads. I had to pass this one up but I’ll return another day – just to see where it goes.

Today isn’t the day, of course. It’s Monday and the workweek begins again.

Do you have a someday list? What’s on it? Travel? Hobbies? Books? Trying a new restaurant? Exploring a road like this? I’m always looking ahead to the next bit of free time – large chunks and small can be used to accomplish goals and try new things if you plan.

I have spent more time lately flying by the seat of my pants but my someday list is never far from thought. I hope you keep yours close too.

For now, though, go conquer this day!

9 thoughts on “Someday

  1. Now that I’m in my 50s, I can clearly see the end of my life ahead. I’ve always been one to put off things I want to do until conditions are better and I have more money than I need to do it.

    I laid in plans to return to Germany when I was about 24. Then the company I worked for started having financial difficulties and I canceled the plans. Time and wisdom tell me that even if the company went under I would have recovered from spending the money on that trip — and I’d have all of those memories.

    Now might not be the right time to explore that country road, but “really soon” sure is.

    • I am a fan of going for it if there is any way to make it work – whatever “it” may be. Conditions will never be perfect but tomorrow could be worse than today. Take the trip, drive the road, stop for the picture. Enjoy things every day and make sure you always have something to explore.

  2. All my roads are country roads.😁 I do not have a list of “someday” things to do. My present is so full, I just hope to live and love the time I have. Every day is a new adventure.

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