Foggy Mornings

We had some remarkably foggy mornings this week. While I work a hybrid schedule, I was out driving around two of these mornings. Both days, I found myself inches from hitting deer and thanking my lucky stars that they didn’t come through my windshield. There’s nothing like a near miss in the dark to wake you up.

These images come from the Lake Rupert area on one of those days. It was about 9:30 a.m. and just starting to lighten up. I actually pulled over here to get my bearings after one of those near misses with a deer. When I looked up, it was just too pretty to not reach for my iPhone. It was a nice silver lining to the proverbial dark cloud.

You know how I enjoy reflections.

It’s good to know that, even in the fog, there’s opportunity to find something soft and lovely that will brighten the day.

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