Twice in the last year, I have written and scheduled a WordPress post that has magically disappeared. Not only only does it not publish, it’s not in the drafts, the scheduled posts or the trash.

It’s like it never existed. Although, I can assure you it did exist just eleven hours ago.

It was about Blackwater Falls, a lovely West Virginia state park I visited with friends last month. Since I just write my posts in WordPress, it’s gone. I’m taking this as a sign that the goddess of blogging thought I could do better.

So, for now, here’s a pretty picture from Blackwater Falls and I’ll try to do better later!

Happy Monday, y’all. And whether you call it Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day, enjoy that too. Maybe read up on why we have two holidays related to history on this second Monday in October.

3 thoughts on “Vanished

  1. That’s very weird. Has not happened to me ( fingers crossed). I write most of my posts in Word first, so I have a record in my computer files. Once in a while (like this coming Thursday’s post) I will just compose in WP.

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