Blackwater Falls State Park

When we discovered the road closure that kept us out of Dolly Sods, we were just a few miles from Davis, West Virginia and Blackwater Falls State Park.

I had been there before and really loved it so returning was not a sacrifice at all. In fact, I was excited to find the parking lot at the Falls trailhead completely empty.

It was just the three of us as we made our way down the hill and down the large system of steps and boardwalks to view the falls.

Lack of rain meant that it wasn’t raging but the falls were powerful enough and just as pretty as I remembered.

We took our time, posing for selfies, making some videos and drinking in the peaceful September morning. Just a couple of hours later, the place would swarm with tourists but we had a lovely private screening.

Our next stop at this park was a fishing area where there’s a rustic trail through the woods that gives you access to the river as it meanders under a bridge.

I stumbled upon it by accident a few years ago and it’s a special place that I always visit when there.

It was still early and the sky was white as the sun fought to burn through the clouds. All the same, it was a soft, quiet moment where we could appreciate the rocks and water and the aroma of fall.

Come back for another special memory from this place.

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