Pittsburgh Adventure

This weekend found me in Pittsburgh for a jaunt around the area with my friend Nichola.

She is a skilled tour guide and has a similar attitude to my own when it comes to adventuring. We are always ready to go and interested in nearly everything. Plus, we are pretty good at frugal fun and often find something fascinating or beautiful around every corner.

This time we hiked the best old growth forest in America, enjoyed Monet in flowers at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, and saw the city lit up in all her glory. We even got gussied up for brunch in an old train station turned restaurant. Plus, I found a new independent used bookstore to tell you about.

Perhaps my favorite thing was stumbling upon a gorgeous Catholic Church with open doors in a small rural town.

I’m not done sharing stories from my western adventure but hope you’ll forgive me for jumping around some. I’ll start weaving in topics from this weekend along with all the other fall fun I have planned.

Stay tuned for stories near and far. Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration for planning your next adventure!

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