The Snake Of Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde National Park provided two opportunities to face fears. I told you about the first yesterday but didn’t mention that I met a snake.

In a visitors center

Loose on the floor.

Where it followed me into the ladies room.

We had freshly conquered the ladders and had stopped at the visitors center for a little souvenir shopping, restroom and cold drink. We had nearly reached the end of a window lined hallway approaching the restroom when movement caught my eye. Right next to me, there was a snake on the floor.

It had squeezed under a glass door that badly needed some weather stripping to keep out the heat and the snakes.

My choice was to keep going forward or turn and run. As I am apt to do in crisis situations, I chose wrong (I would have made a great sidekick to Lucy and Ethel). I kept going and proceeded into the restroom. To be fair, my travel pal was right behind me and I didn’t want to knock her down in my escape.

I say that like I really thought it through and I promise I did not. My only objective was to get away.

While I went into the ladies room, Johnna went in search of help. It came in the form of a young guy who was sweeping floors. But when he saw the snake, he announced that snake removal was above his pay grade.

You might wonder why we didn’t just open the door to let him slither out on his own. Well, that wasn’t an option because the door was locked. Of course it was. This story wouldn’t be nearly so interesting if it were unlocked.

Ultimately, someone found someone else who had a door key while a guy from the kitchen came to assist.

However, all this transpired after Mr. Snake followed me into the restroom. Yep. It squeezed under that door too. Fortunately, it more or less looked around for just a few seconds and slithered back out the door. Evidently, even he knew that he didn’t belong in the ladies room.

Once the door was unlocked, kitchen guy picked him up by the tail and helped him out the door.

No one there seemed to know what kind of snake it was but a friend asked his snake expert friends and they all agree it is a Gopher snake which is not poisonous .

So we had two adventures for the price of one! And as Johnna pointed out, at least I got a story out of it.

When it was all said and done, Johnna ended up with a tall glass of something bubbly and caffeinated. On the other hand, I sat down and ate a giant chocolate chip cookie and lost my ability to blink for about five minutes.

Clearly, life is short and it is meant to be lived with enthusiasm. Take the hike, shriek like a little girl, eat the cookie and hope there’s not a snake in your path.

3 thoughts on “The Snake Of Mesa Verde

  1. That’s a hilarious story!! 🤣 I had something similar happen at my house once. A large bull snake (aka gopher snake) slid in under the screen door and curled up in my cool concrete floor. A guy came to see about cleaning a rug for me and asked, “Is this your pet snake?” Heck no!!! He kindly carried it outdoors for me.

    I’m not really afraid of snakes at all, but I don’t care to pick them up. Even non-poisonous ones can bite. Bull snakes love to mimic rattlers, shaking their silent tails, and they can be aggressive. I’m happy to have them around for rodent control, but there seem to be fewer every year.

    • Oh my! I would die first before I picked one up! How nice of that man to help you out!

      There was a discussion about whether it was a rattlesnake because it was shaking its tail so that makes sense.

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