Hibiscus At Lake Rupert

Today they call it the Wellston Wildlife Area but, to me it will always just be Lake Rupert. The property is about 1,300 acres and features a 327 acre man made lake.

It was built in 1969 so many local people remember homes and even a covered bridge that once were located at the site. The covered bridge was picked up and moved to another location but the homes were simply vacated and flooded.

This is a popular spot for fishing and boating. I like it for the birdwatching and for the hibiscus which are in bloom right now.

Aren’t they beautiful?

2 thoughts on “Hibiscus At Lake Rupert

    • There is a hardy variety that is native to Ohio. It grows mainly in wet areas like this lake shore or in low lying areas where water collects. It will die back this winter and emerge in spring to give us these beautiful summer blooms. You’ll spot them occasionally!

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