Staying Positive

Staying positive doesn’t mean being happy all the time. It does mean that even on the hard days you are sure there are better ones ahead.

Yesterday was awful. I had a dental issue to attend to and some fires to put out at work. I drove through torrential downpours twice and forgot to stop at the pharmacy for something that I need. I almost fell asleep while waiting for the dentist (people must do that sometimes, right?) and now I have a sore at the corner of my mouth caused by something that happened at there.

I tried hard to maintain a good attitude because being upset wasn’t going to help anything but I was holding on by a rather thin thread.

What got me through the day was a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from a coworker and a bowl of piping hot homemade potato soup from the Main Eatery. This local place has a great veggie sub and the most amazing menu of ice cream treats in southern Ohio. The potato soup is fantastic too and great for a sore mouth. The knowledge that better days are ahead kept me going too.

Sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference. Sometimes it’s the mindset. Sometimes it’s simply telling ourselves that it isn’t all bad.

I’m holding onto the belief that there are better days ahead. I hope you can believe it too.

6 thoughts on “Staying Positive

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Some believe that staying positive means living in denial. But we can stay positive without being blind. We can accept that there are problems, and challenges, and everyday stress, but we can still try to focus on the main things and be grateful for what we do have.

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