The Saturday Night Ghost Club

My current read is The Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson. I’m nearing the end and, in typical Brandi fashion, find myself slowing down because I hate to turn the last page of a quality read.

This book has been on my radar for a while but I have been on a non fiction kick for several months, struggling to get into most fiction pieces I have tried. My fiction reading is consequently falling far behind.

To be completely honest, I picked it up this weekend specifically because I like the title and cover. A Saturday Night Ghost Club sounds awfully fun, doesn’t it?

This is a coming of age story, set in 1980s Niagara Falls. It reminds me a little of Stranger Things or Stand By Me and is chock full of great one liners and beautifully crafted paragraphs.

Here’s one of my favorites:

Reality never changes. Only our recollections of it do. Whenever a moment passes, we pass along with it into the realm of memory. And in that realm, geometries change. Contours shift, shades lighten, objectivities dissolve. Memory becomes what we need it to be.

This book is deceiving because it seems like a short, simple story but it is humorous, sad, beautiful and poignant.

Here’s one more quote that is appealing to me:

As far as I was concerned, there was nothing wrong with being an odd duck. I figured some people have edges that don’t allow them to slot into the holes society expects them to fit into, that was all.

That’s right. There’s nothing wrong with being an odd duck. Embrace your odd duckness (no, that’s not a word but I’m going with it) and know that you’re always welcome here.

What are you reading now?

10 thoughts on “The Saturday Night Ghost Club

  1. Hmm. … Munique and duckness. Slowly building my English vocabulary with new words. Thanks for the help, Brandi! I’m fairly confident I embraced my “odd duckness” ages ago. I might even be “munique”. I do like the quotes though. They’re a bit surprising given the book cover. I would have expected something a bit more simplistic. Sadly, only one post today?)) Guess I’ll have to wait till tomorrow. It’s good to know I’m always welcome here!)) As to my current reading, I’m mostly through The Unwomanly Face of War by Svetlana Alexievich. She was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for this work. I can easily recommend this or any of her other works. …Cailín

    • I will make a note of this book! Thanks for the recommendation. Cailin, where are you from? I did not realize that English is not your first language so you are doing great!

      • I really hope you find time to give Svetlana Alexievich a chance. I’ve compared the original texts in Russian to the English translations and they are very good. Fortunately I have a fantastic bookstore available that has almost everything I could want. I’ve always thought it unfortunate that Americans know so little about Eastern Europe either linguistically, culturally, or historically. At any rate, I learned Russian from my Mama and that is what was spoken at home. I seldom get to write Russian or Ukrainian since the war started and I left social media. Ah, well. …Cailín

      • I will make a point to follow up with your recommendation. I know little about Russian culture although I did read some Russian literature in college. That was a long time ago!

        You must miss speaking your own language.

      • I do, but what is most important to me are personal relationships. Those connections to others are what I cherish most in life. …Cailín

  2. Even before reading the description, that cover was giving me a very ’80s-90s feeling.

    I have gotten very tied up in hobby related nonfiction. (Cars, trains & cameras) but earlier this summer I did enjoy a science fiction trilogy by John Scalzi. The Collapsing Empire, The Consuming Fire & The Last Emperox.

    • Fiction has been tough for me lately but I’m trying because the escapism might be good for me. That little book was exactly what I needed as it kept me turning the page for “just one more chapter” right up to the end.

      Sci-fi is a genre I haven’t really gotten into but I’ll make a note of this trilogy. Thanks!!

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