Home To No Power

Last night I came home from a fabulous adventure to find a pitch black house. A storm had whipped through the area and left several small communities in the region without power.

I laid in my hammock, absorbing the pitch black darkness of the night and the sounds of the evening. The tree frogs and locusts were chatty but they had competition from a chorus of household generators all around.

I remember a time when a power outage meant that life in the country was quiet. It was an excuse to sit out on the porch and enjoy the fact there was nothing else to do. You got creative with your meals and left your fridge and freezer closed hoping to keep cold air contained as long as possible. I’m guessing everyone now just goes about their business without a thought of even going outside.

Those days of quiet laziness are long gone. Still, I enjoyed the evening and stayed outside until the air felt too cold.

Time marches on.

Speaking of time – it flew yesterday as I spent the day out adventuring with a friend. We went to Dayton where we spent some time browsing the Second Street Market before passing most of the day at Carrillon Historic Park. We topped off the day with a trip through the One Dollar Book Swap.

There’s lots of material to share from this fun day and we’ll get to it soon! Check back!

2 thoughts on “Home To No Power

  1. Really, there are so many people with generators? That’s too bad. I’d go with your solution – appreciate the peace and the darkness. We can home to no power today (early afternoon). No generators here. I didn’t want to open the freezer and let the cold out!😁

    I’m going to take a day to wander my town tomorrow.

    • Wandering around your own town is the best!!

      And yes, every neighbor seems to have a generator and I can hear at least one from a ridge over.

      My chest freezer is packed full and I have a large bag of ice in there so I don’t worry about it for a day if I don’t open it.

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