Sunflowers At McKean’s Farm

Last summer I was fortunate to visit three sunflower fields and shared likely way too many photos of them all. But I don’t apologize because these are happy flowers and I quickly became enamored by how lovely they are in person.

There’s a huge variety of colors, shapes and sizes that I knew nothing about until I started wandering around these fields.

Yesterday I closed my computer at the end of the work day, picked up my sun hat and headed down the road to Gallia County to visit a new-to-me field of sunflowers at McKean Farms.

It was less than an hour trip and just five bucks to get in. I had the place to myself, likely because it was so hot and because this was only day two of their season.

It is a working farm with chickens, barn cats, farm equipment and a delightful produce stand packed with homegrown fruits and veggies.

I had a nice time wandering the perimeter of this field, studying butterflies, crickets and bees.

It was indeed hot but a soft breeze caused the sunflowers to sway as they turned their happy faces toward the sun.

It’s just five bucks a person and $4 for four or more people. Stop but the produce stand to pay your admission and buy some goodies for later. They take cash and plastic.

Find them on Facebook for hours, address and other information by searching McKean’s Farm.

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