An Old Way To Find New Words

Everyone else is going high tech and I’m over here kicking it old school with my new thesaurus.

It arrived this week, evoking feelings of joy that should normally be reserved for Christmas and for finding the perfect parking space at the mall.

The format will require an attitude adjustment. My old 1988 thesaurus is packed full of useful words accompanied by their synonyms and antonyms. The badly torn paperback cover illustrates the quality time this old friend and I have spent together but a constantly evolving language means there’s room for a new friend.

The new version includes simple definitions as well those synonyms and antonyms. However, some words refer you to other word entries to find what you need. This format is foreign after all those years with my other thesaurus but it gets the job done.

This blog is more of a quick daily writing exercise than a labor of perfection. That means I rarely search for words and just go with whatever flows.

However, writing for my job is a completely different process and one where I must stretch and search for the correct word or turn of phrase. Writing for work often means repeatedly finding new ways to say the same things within the confines of a certain tone and style.

Here’s hoping these 1,184 pages of words will prove inspiring.

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