Monet And Friends Immersive Experience

If you enjoy the Impressionist painters of the nineteenth century, you may enjoy Monet and Friends at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. This immersive experience explores the work of Monet and his contemporaries who led an art revolution.

It uses all the senses to evoke a sense of feeling about these famous works of art. The 45 minute program is set to a beautiful soundtrack and is incredibly peaceful. Guests can watch the loop as many times as they like. We stayed for almost two full loops and moved around the room to enjoy it from a couple of different angles

I had attended the Van Gogh Immersive in Columbus, Ohio last year and it felt bigger, a little larger scale and grander. However, this event still drew me in and captured my heart and attention. It was lovely seeing so many beautiful paintings set to music and telling a story.

Admission for this event is sold as a combo ticket to also tour the Biltmore home. I’ll tell you about that experience soon!

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