In March 1855, Henry David Thoreau wrote in his journal “The first pleasant days of spring come out like a squirrel and go in again.”

He clearly was talking about Ohio where we sometimes experience all four seasons in a single spring day. That has certainly been the case this spring and I have heard endless complaints about it.

What we seem to forget is that this IS spring. We like those seventy degree blue sky days when the air is calm and clean and we can dig around in our flowerbeds.

The reality is often much different with gray skies, sleet and snow plus cold wind so strong it will knock you down.

Today will be 84 and sunny – more like summer, if you ask me. Don’t worry though- we will be back in the fifties with some rain next week. Ohio weather may be unpredictable right now but that uncertainty is a trademark of spring and one that I try to appreciate.

Break out the shorts today but keep that cute umbrella close for next week. If the sun always shines, we might not appreciate it so much!

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