Adventures Ahead

I’m starting to dream of adventure days ahead. I miss the allure of the open road, gliding down country lanes and going around the block for a picture. I miss having the windows down and the music up as I look for the mundane and the unusual alike.

This image is from my last big road trip to Ligonier, PA at Christmas. It’s the Stahlstown Trinity United Methodist Church and it called my name. It looked interesting so I found a place to turn around and head back. This is such a common occurrence that I don’t even consider it abnormal anymore but anyone traveling with me for the first time would likely find this quirk of mine bewildering.

Unfortunately, there were numerous things along this route that were noteworthy or interesting in some way but there was nowhere to turn around or pull over. It’s hard to resist this urge and to accept that it’s time to move on.

So, I continue to enjoy my cold days of hibernation but am starting to think about the adventures ahead. This world is an amazing place filled with things I haven’t seen and stories I want to know.

Warmer days are ahead. Adventures await for me and for you. We just have to go find them.

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