Around Here

Around here, it has been cold and snowy. I have been enjoying hibernation, trying to balance relaxation with tending to my own health and wellness.

I have been taking the easy way out where dinner is concerned. This bag of stir fry is a step up from the egg sandwich and fistful of chocolate I would rather be eating when I’m cold and tired.

This book has been keeping my mind engaged.

As always, Scout keeps me on my toes.

I joined in a free art history webinar the other day and got a nice overview of the progression of early art through the Impressionists who happen to be my favorite artists.

This is a famous Claude Monet painting that I was lucky to see in Washington DC last year.

The webinar instructor had a down to earth approach to art and a wonderful ability to simplify big topics. If I had hundreds of extra dollars I would sign up for a paying course she offers on the Impressionists. She gave voice to what I have long felt but didn’t understand about these lovely works of art. I’ll talk about that another day.

For now, I’m trying to find a balance between work and home, self care and doing as I please, healthy skepticism and unhealthy mental ruts.

Winter is a time of hibernation. We recede into our homes as animals take to their dens. Even the hardiest of plants conserve their energy and rest in anticipation of brighter days ahead. Aside from a few walks, I have been happily hibernating and wondering what kind of rebirth might accompany the arrival of spring.

Around here, life is pretty good these days

5 thoughts on “Around Here

  1. Am glad to hear you are finding things going “pretty good these days.” I wish you more of the same, certainly while intemperate climes hover around us. (The temperature hovered around zero here in Coshocton this morning.) The very thought of “burrowing in” is so calming to the soul. May those thoiughts stay with you until you feel refreshed.

  2. Well, if Scout is keeping you on your toes, you must be keeping him on his!

    The idea of a winter hibernation sounds quite decadent, but good on you for managing it.

    That Monet really is a stunner. In a way it looks simple and complicated (to paint) at the same time. I’ll bet it was an interesting presentation.

    • Ha! Scout is starting to wear me down. We have been awake at indecent hours most nights for a couple of weeks. I may need to embrace the lunch nap if his behavior doesn’t improve.

      It helps that I’m able to work remotely most of the time. That makes hibernation much easier to achieve and it makes leaving the house seem much more special.

      And I have to say, that woman’s presentation was one of the best webinars I have ever done. I studied some art history in college and had a terrific prof but her survey over the centuries really tied together the art with political and social issues. She made learning fun.

      • Scout goes through spells of restlessness at night. He will be fine for months and then we’ll go through a couple of weeks of dead of night misery. I didn’t let him rest today, making loud noises every time I caught him napping. Lol. I hope we make it through tonight because I’m exhausted.

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